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atelier: the brandhabit retreat

Palm Springs, California | January 17-21, 2019

It’s time to transform the way you do business and live your life. 

The Atelier is a game-changing brand experience for female owned wellness and lifestyle brands, the solopreneurs and the small business owners ready to elevate their voice and brand for the big picture. The Atelier is for those that desire an intimate yet transformative setting (limited to only 6 attendees), to build a complete brand experience from start to finish with a team of experts and like-minded peers available to inspire, guide and support you in deepening your connection with self, and with your business.


the most rewarding investment you can make for your brand.

The Atelier is a transformative five days in luxury, meditation, and mindset inspired by the natural beauty of Palm Springs and surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, all while learning how to elevate your brand experience, implementing game-changing tools and techniques, and building long term strategy that aligns with your core being.

You will leave the retreat with your brand story and experience ready to deliver results.



Morning sunrise walks to take in the beauty of the local settings, gather your thoughts for the day ahead and time to breathe and be at one with ourselves. Mornings will be dedicated to working on mindset, meditation and motivation with Nancy. You’ll explore and align with your personal needs and values, what you need to be happy, safe and whole. You’ll reflect, realign, recalibrate and rewire. Then practice. After all the practice is the practice.


No details will be overlooked in your experience your with us. You will be working with a group of experts and like-minded entrepreneurs to bring clarity to your vision. You will also have a fully styled and directed photoshoot with the art direction of Seana and the expert eye of Corin. No stock imagery needed for your brand because you will have access to more than 100 images to use for your brand direction. You’ll have a complete and cohesive brand and memories to last a lifetime.


The knowledge, experience and support of our Founder + Creative Director, Seana to position your brand for success on all levels. We’ll work together to structure long term strategy and direction for your brand and business. You’ll learn where and how to present your brand story across social media in a way that represents you and your client base. You’ll have a complete and cohesive brand, from branding to website, to social media to strategy.


the start of something beautiful...

The Brandhabit Retreat is a magical experience. Transformative tools, content and direction led by knowledgable and experienced teachers. This is an inspirational, game-changing and elevated experience from start to finish. It’s not just about work. It's about aligning your business with your why, making memories, sharing stories and forming friendships with other women working at your level. This is Brandhabit.

There are just 6 spaces available on this in demand retreat. We recommend booking early if you would like to join us.


the details


Seana and the Brandhabit team will start diving into your brand development work to craft a bold, beautiful brand identity that is unique to you and your brand experience. By the time we meet in Palm Springs, we will have your new brand identity and creative strategy in place, with the your website ready for you to review, social media accounts created and brand assets ordered. But the fun really begins when we meet in person.

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THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th: Destination Palm Springs, CA

This is the start of something beautiful. A day to take a deep breath and exhale. A day to prepare for the transformative work that you are here to experience. A day to relax and know that you are in good hands.

Seana and the Atelier team will be available to greet you upon arrival at the private luxury residence. You will have time to lounge by the pool, read a book and get acquainted with your fellow entrepreneurs and luxurious accommodations.

A casual night of cocktails, opening circle celebration and dinner will begin at 7pm. We'll enjoy a cocktail or two, before commencing our opening circle celebration and taking part in a divine culinary experience provided by our private chef. There will be laughter, sharing of stories as we prepare for an experience of transformation.


We will be rising early to begin our day with a Sunrise Celebration in Joshua Tree. This will be a time to honor your self, your space and your voice. We will begin work on realigning with your why, what motivates you and how it manifests in your personal and work life.

You will be working with Andreea to learn how to gain clarity, exude confidence and instill brand values to your brand and message.

The first day of photoshoots will take place at pre-determined locations based on style direction for each brand. For the attendees not scheduled for a photoshoot on this day, you will have time for self care to lounge by the pool, take a walk or continue working on your brand voice.

We will pause our work at 7pm to get ready for a night of fun, friendship and laughter enjoying a night out for dinner and enjoying the local scene.


We will begin the day with a quiet walk and meditation before starting work on the power of leaning back, when to not push, and being okay with taking time to pause in your life.

You will continue working with Andreea to learn how to gain clarity, exude confidence and instill brand values to your brand and message.

The second day of photoshoots will take place at pre-determined locations based on style direction for each brand. For the attendees not scheduled for a photoshoot on this day, you will have time for self care to lounge by the pool, take a walk or continue working on your brand voice.

We will pause our work at 7pm for another night of friendship, sharing of stories and support while enjoying the beautiful nightlife of Palm Springs.



We will start the day with a quiet walk and meditation before starting work on the power of leaning back, when to not push, and being okay with taking time to pause in your life.

It’s time to reveal your website and see your new brand in action, catch a glimpse of your new images from your on personal photoshoot, clarify your copy with headlines, call to actions, and your brand voice.

Andreea and Seana will be working one on one with each of you to design your written content that brings your voice and your essence to your brand story.

We will complete our work at 8pm for our final night together, our closing circle celebration under a full moon (how appropriate) and another night of friendship, sharing of stories and support while enjoying beautiful and laughter-filled conversations with another.



Morning walk and meditation along with a light breakfast before we say our goodbyes. We’ll discuss the next steps to take after the retreat and a few parting gifts because we believe no one should ever leave empty handed.


what's included

This is a luxurious, all-inclusive brand retreat for female entrepreneurs in the wellness and lifestyle sphere that's been designed and thoughtfully planned to be the experience of a lifetime. You deserve this for yourself and for your business. We've taken care of every detail, including some surprises along the way, so you can focus on getting the most out of our time together and building a bold beautiful brand.



This is a luxurious, inclusive five-day retreat for female entrepreneurs. Included in your investment is:

Mindset Alignment Guidance and Support on aligning what fulfills you and makes you happy in both your personal and professional goals.

Branding + Identity Full brand development including custom designed logo, typography and color suite, along with business cards, social media graphics, and more.

Copywriting Written content is essential to your brand experience and we are including it as part of the retreat. We’ll dive into your unique persona and voice and bring to the forefront of your brand story.

Website Design + Development Full website design and development utilizing the Squarespace platform.

Photoshoot with Styling Fully branded photoshoot shot on a location that is in alignment with your new brand experience. You’ll receive up to 60 images, along with copyright to use throughout your website and social media. Yes! 60 images just from your personal photo shoot. *Up to two wardrobe changes and a full 1.5 hours with Corin.

Social Media Strategy We’ll create a long term strategy for your online presence from styling and content to engagement.

SEO - Search strategy and implementation because we include seo with every website we build.

Email Campaign Provider Set up and integration of Mailchimp and up to 3 branded templates.

Business Strategy You will have access to all of the necessary and vital tools to manage your brand for the long term.

Accommodation in a private luxury home. You will have your own private room to unwind at the end of the day, make those personal phone calls, and to sleep comfortably.

Your meals and drinks are provided within the luxury home. A glass or two of wine with dinner. Light fare for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. *Excursions outside of the private residence such as dinner at local eateries is not included.

Daily morning walks, yoga and guided meditations.



Your flights to Palm Springs Airport in Palm Springs, California.

Transfers from the airport We recommend using Uber for transfer from the airport to the private home.

Snacks, eating out and excursions. We will be pausing our work at 7pm each day. We believe in work life balance and want you to experience the sights and sounds of Palm Springs once we have completed our work each day. This is about self care too.


Meet the Team



Our in-house Renaissance woman, Creative Director and Brand Strategist Seana, has built a reputation for delivering brand experiences that drive results for her discerning clients. She brings creativity, clarity and a big picture vision to every project she works on while removing the overwhelm and anxiety from the branding process. She’s your friend, your advisor and strategist. She’ll help you learn how to work smarter to align with your personal and professional goals.



Nancy is a Mindset Coach and the founder of Lean Back with Nancy, a consultancy focused on movement and mindset coaching. With her charismatic charm and 1,000 watt smile, you will immediately feel at home and energized all at once. Nancy brings more than 35 years experience in the wellness industry as an entrepreneur and a trail blazer. She will be working with each of you to support you in realigning with your why.



Andreea is the Lead Copywriter here at Brandhabit. She has a beautiful gift for bringing your personality and essence to life in written words. She’s eloquent, heart-forward, and an intuitive that knows just the perfect way to bring your voice forward in an engaging and captivating way. She will be working with you to align your content to your why and to your ideal client in ways that are creative, thoughtful and powerful without being pushy. She’s a genius at what she does.



Corin considers herself an artist first, then photographer. She believes photography is simply the means of expression because it produces a high level of human connection, and it blesses others. Corin has a magical touch to everyone and everything that she captures with her lense. She will be working with each of our attendees in a fully styled photoshoot shot on a location that is on point for each attendee’s brand direction. Just wait until you see what she brings out in you.

 Photo by 400tmax/iStock / Getty Images

the setting

Palm Springs is a breathtakingly beautiful, laid back-luxe retreat. Just a short drive from Joshua Tree and the Coachella Valley, a city full of energy, style and inspiration to fuel your new brand direction.

From the moment you arrive you will be energized by the local scene. Stylish private rooms, warm and inviting living spaces and a lush back yard with pool will ensure you feel fully rejuvenated as well as having plenty of Instagram worthy photo opportunities. Yes, we think of everything!



Only 6 spaces are available for this intimate and transformative retreat for discerning wellness and lifestyle brands. 




Reserve your spot today for only $1,687.50.
Investment is $7,250 after November 5th.

*payable in 3 installments via PayPal invoice


terms of booking: the fine print


The retreat is paid for over three months (with the final payment due on January 2, 2019) and will be automatically charged each month to the credit card number you provide. Payments MUST be made each month or you WILL lose your space. Please monitor your email accounts accordingly. 

The Atelier is an in-demand event, therefore, we ask that you are serious about filling your space at the retreat. It’s important to us that each and every person that registers is ALL IN - no back and forth, no second guessing. There are no refunds for this event. We can’t offer refunds for illness, flight delays or any other circumstances that are out of our control. Please make sure that you have the proper insurance in place to cover for an event such as this. Please make sure this retreat is right for you. If you have any questions that are not covered above, please contact us.

We include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as water, tea and coffee and as noted above while at the private residence. We DO NOT cover, nor do we provide meals when going out for excursions and on the evenings we eat at a local establishment. Please plan accordingly.




Six guests plus the four team members will present. We’ll have the private residence to ourselves so that we can be at ease, comfortable and relaxed during our time together.


Yes. This retreat has been designed specifically for female entrepreneurs. We will be hosting an event in April that will be open to our male entrepreneur friends. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact us.


The Palm Springs Retreat is best for those entrepreneurs that have been in business more than two years and are looking to elevate their brand experience for the next chapter of business. We would love to learn about your new business and your vision, you can contact us to learn more about working with us outside of the retreat.


Still have questions? You can contact us using the form below.